Q: What are some of the benefits of homeschooling?

A: Many families like the flexibility homeschooling provides both parents and children. Children can learn about things they are interested in and at a time in their lives when they are ready to learn. No preconceived schedule forces them ahead or holds them back.

Children learn about the ‘real world’ by being a part of it – no artificial settings are needed to ‘provide exposure.’ Children can receive a superior education attuned specifically to their own needs, learning styles, personalities, and interests – at far less cost than that of a private or public school. By being allowed to learn at their own pace, with a minimum of stress, homeschooled children have the time and space to internalize and use what they learn.

Homeschooling families spend a tremendous amount of time together living, learning and playing. They have the opportunity to develop a depth of understanding and a commitment to the family that is difficult to attain when family members spend their days going in separate directions.

Q: Is Cornerstone Christian School county or area specific?

A: CCS welcomes students who reside in southern California counties. (Orange, Riverside and San Diego Counties).

Q: Is CCS a charter program?

A: No, it is not. CCS is a private school that provides a private satellite program to parents who wish to homeschool their own children.

Q: Is homeschooling legal in California?

A: Yes, The Second District Court of Appeal ruled on August 8, 2008 that California parents are not required to hold teaching credentials in order to legally homeschool their children. The state does, however require parents to be “competent,” “qualified,” or “capable of teaching”.

Q: How quickly can I enroll my child?

A: Please complete and turn in the enrollment paperwork found in the “forms” tab. Once all those forms are completed and turned in and you have paid the registration fee, the PSP coordinator will meet with you, help with curriculum selection, answer questions. After these steps are completed, you will be officially considered enrolled in the CCS PSP. Enrollment packets and payments can be turned in at the CCS office during regular business hours.

Q: Can I make payments for my child’s tuition?

A: Tuition is $35.00 per month per family. Tuition is due Aug-May. You may choose to pay $350.00 up front for the full year if you desire to do so.

Q: Does CCS require HSLDA or NCLL membership?

A: Yes. All families who are enrolled in CCS PSP are required to obtain membership in either Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) or National Center for Life and Liberty’s Homeschool Center (NCLL). Please visit their websites at hslda.org  or homeschool.ncll.org/membership. Membership and annual renewal fees are paid directly to them. (For HSLDA use CCS Group # 299203)

Q: Is curriculum support available?

A: Of course!  CCS will assist families in determining the most appropriate learning materials for each child enrolled.  This may include discussions related to the styles of approaching academics; suggestions of books, or publishers for specific subjects; outlets where materials can be purchased and/or borrowed.  CCS does not provide step-by-step lesson plans.

Q: How often are attendance forms due?

A: Once a month. The CCS Attendance form can be found in the “Forms” drop down tab. Parents will complete the form, reflecting their student’s attendance for the previous month. One attendance form is due every month per student. This information is collected and printed at CCS and placed in each child’s cumulative folder.