These record keeping forms are for the use of CCS PSP Families. Please download, save, open & complete.



  • K-8 Course of Study
  • High School Individual Course Descriptions
  • High School Course Summary

12/1/17, 2/1/18, 4/1/18, 6/30/18:

  • K-12 Attendance
  • K-8 Report Card
  • K-8 Proof of Progress

1/15/18 & 6/30/18:

  • High School Report Card
  • High School Grade Verifications
  • High School Course Hour Document

SENIORS – Your 2nd semester report card and Community Service hours will be due by May 15th

A copy of your students attendance is due on the 1st Tuesday of every month. All forms must be dropped off to the office on or before the due date.

These forms are considered legal documents pertaining to your students education. They must be completed in either black or blue ink. All high school paperwork must be typed.

Handbook & Other Important Information (Signatures Required)

K-8th Grade

High School