Homeschool / PSP


Cornerstone Christian School’s Private Satellite Program (PSP) is designed to partner with homeschool families to enhance the educational opportunities available to their students.  Under the umbrella of our registered Private School with the State of California, you will have more freedom and protection for the education of your K-12th grade students.

“The freedom you desire, the support you deserve.”

General Information

Cornerstone Christian School’s Private Satellite Program (PSP) is designed to partner with Christian families who choose to educate their K-12th grade children from home.  The mission of the PSP program is to provide the flexibility that best fits your student’s needs with the support you, as the educator deserves resulting in the highest success for your student.

PSP students can participate in various extra-curricular activities as well as enroll in campus classes.  PSP parents receive guidance in homeschooling, assistance with curriculum selection, support in maintaining and completely state required paperwork and support families that seek & provide effective resources that might be otherwise difficult for a family to access.

Our PSP Coordinator encourages our homeschooling families and helps make their efforts a success.  The CCS community recognizes the unique contributions home schooling makes to our community. We purpose to offer as many services and opportunities as possible to our PSP families.

It is our hope that we can build a partnership with you that is a blessing to your entire family. We recognize your desire and commitment to educate your children in accord with the scriptural principles set forth in Ephesians 6:1-4; and we have a reciprocal desire and commitment to help you succeed.

Admission Requirements

All families who are enrolled in CCS PSP are required to obtain membership in either Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) or National Center for Life and Liberty’s Homeschool Center (NCLL). Please visit their websites at or

Membership and annual renewal fees are paid directly to them. (For HSLDA use CCS Group # 299203)


Registration Fee: $85 (per student)

Tuition Fee: $45 a monthly tuition or $450 annual tuition per family

On Campus Courses: $115 per class, per month

Elementary Performing Arts: $60 a month (additional fees may apply)


These record keeping forms are for the use of CCS PSP Families. Please download, save, open & complete.



  • K-8 Course of Study
  • High School Individual Course Descriptions
  • High School Course Summary

12/2/19, 2/3/19, 4/3/20, 6/19/20:

  • K-12 Attendance
  • K-8 Report Card
  • K-8 Proof of Progress

1/13/20 & 6/19/20:

  • High School Report Card
  • High School Grade Verifications
  • High School Course Hour Document

HIGH SCHOOL: Community Service Hours are due on or before 06/5/20

SENIORS – 2nd semester report card and Community Service Hours are be due by 5/15/20

A copy of your students attendance is due quarterly. All forms must be dropped off to the office on or before the due date.

End of Quarter Dates: 10/11/19, 12/2/19, 3/13/20

These forms are considered legal documents pertaining to your students education. They must be completed in either black or blue ink. All high school paperwork must be typed.

Handbook & Other Important Information (Signatures Required)

K-8th Grade

High School

Services Offered

    • Connection with the PSP Coordinator through regular meetings
    • Curriculum and resource counseling
    • Organization of school records
    • Participation with campus peers in extracurricular activities such as sports, theater, choir, and weekly chapel.
    • Enrollment in on-campus classes (up to 3, additional price) when desired
    • Academically and socially relevant classes on campus beyond the scope of the teacher (for example; foreign languages, chemistry, physical education, advanced mathematics and sciences) by excellent teachers and Christ-centered worldview
    • Participation in field trips that apply to your subjects of study
    • A high school transcript provided for colleges and employers
    • College/ career counseling, including resources and information for financial aid and scholarship applications
    • Graduation diploma from Cornerstone Christian School awarded upon completion of required coursework
    • Participation with class peers in the campus graduation ceremony
    • Work Permits
    • Participation in our theater program
    • Participation in sports (6-12th graders)
    • On campus chapel Wednesdays
    • Use of the library
    • Participation in dances (high schoolers)
    • Graduation and promotion ceremonies
  • Field trips
  • Elementary Performing Arts twice a week

If interested in learning more, please contact the school office at (951) 674-9381