The philosophy behind Cornerstone’s Private Satellite Program is to provide home schooling families the umbrella of a registered Private school within the state of California; that gives more freedom and protection for the education of their first grade through twelfth grade children, while alleviating the conflict that those two interests pose from time to time.

On this site you will find a number of documents, that if you decide to apply for enrollment, are items asking for information we need to further the process. A membership with the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is required in order to complete registration requirements in our PSP. You can apply for membership to HSLDA at Please submit the fees as requested as well. Once your child(ren) are enrolled, you will begin to receive a variety of informational pieces such as a handbook, updated calendars, and general school information.

It is our hope that we can build a partnership with you that is a blessing to your entire family. We recognize your desire and commitment to educate your children in accord with the scriptural principles set forth in Ephesians 6:1-4; and we have a reciprocal desire and commitment to help you succeed.

Contact us for more information.