Spiritual Life

Spiritual life at CCS is a valued experience.  Serving as an evangelistic ministry of Cornerstone Community Church, CCS enrolls both established and new believers, as well as those still unsure.  Committed to providing the best educational and spiritual experience, CCS offers the following to ensure students graduate fully aware of Christ’s value and purpose.


What sets CCS apart spiritually?

  • We employ Believers who are passionate about their faith, subject and students.
  • We believe the Word of God is foundational, and cross-curricular.
  • We invest consistent time in praising our Lord.
  • We pray.



Our weekly chapels provide our secondary school (6-12) students and elementary students (K-5) the opportunity to praise and worship Christ as a community.  Committed to academic and spiritual excellence, CCS believes young people are in constant search of both purpose and direction.  Our Chapel speakers and mentors lead and inspire students to live as true followers of Christ, everywhere…all the time.



CCS institutes Bible as a part of the graduation requirement.  Students, grade 6-8 are enrolled in a Bible class yearly, while high school, grades 9-12, must take three Bible classes during their four year experience.  Students are introduced to biblical topics including Old Testament/New Testament History, the priority of Prayer, Wisdom and Christ’s pursuit of our lives.